Prof. Tu Xinquan lectured to the Trade Promotion Workshop organized by the Ministry of Commerce

On September 13th, Professor Tu Xinquan lectured on "the 20 years of China's accession to the WTO: China's Achievements in Opening Up to the World" for the "Trade Promotion workshop for Portuguese-speaking Countries in 2022", which was organized by the Ministry of Commerce and co-organized by the Research Center for Portuguese-speaking Countries of the Institute of Regional and International Studies at UIBE. The course aims to promote the economic and trade cultural exchanges between Chinese and Portuguese officials and scholars, while to enhance the trade cooperation between China and Portugal. More than 60 officials in the economic and trade fields from East Timor, Brazil and Mozambique attended the three-week course from September 5th to 25th. Participants will have extensive online discussions with well-known experts and scholars in trade related fields at home and abroad as well as officials of Portuguese-speaking countries.