Academic and Business Visit to Shanghai was successfully organized for International Master Program

From May 4th to 6th of 2023, the China Institute for WTO Studies (CIWTO) at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) has conducted a business trip to Shanghai for its international Masters’ Degree students. The trip was led by professor TU Xinquan, Dean of CIWTO and WTO Chairholder, and 9 international students from 8 countries joined.

On the first day of the trip, the delegates visited the Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The visit has expanded the international students’ knowledge of the Communist Party of China by allowing them to understand the significance of the creation of CPC and its history.


After a quick tour at the site, the delegates continued to explore the areas around Yu Garden. The students had profound interest at the architecture of the Hutongs, shops, and restaurants there. They were immersed with the Chinese culture; several food and cultural pieces caught the international students’ eyes.

In the evening, the team visited the Shanghai Museum. The students were amazed by the collection of rare cultural pieces displayed in the museum such as Chinese bronze, paintings, furniture, jades, coins, sculptures, calligraphy, and ceramics. The witness of these pieces allowed the students to understand further about the long history of China and also allows the student to compare and exchange their ideas about their own cultural history and China.

On the Morning of May 5th, the UIBE CIWTO Delegations, led by Professor Tu Xinquan visited the other WTO Chair in China-Shanghai University of International Business and Economics for an exchange study. In this meeting, President Wang Rongming, Director of WTO Asia-Pacific Training Centre, Huang Jianzhong, Secretary of the General Party Branch of Trade Negotiation Institute, Wang Wenli, Jin Quan, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department, Ying Pinguang, Executive Director of WTO Asia-Pacific Training Center, Wu Xuesong, Deputy Director of the Office of the University, Shang Zhimin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of Trade Negotiations, Xu Xin, Vice President, Wang Qian, Director of the Department of International Economic Organizations and related teachers attended.


President Wang extended a warm welcome to the UIBE CIWTO professors and students and expressed his thoughts on how the two universities can carry out all-round cooperation as both have maintained good cooperative relations for a long time, and both are jointly committed to serving the national strategy of opening up. He sincerely hopes to create jointly the "Global Economic and Trade Governance Research Network" and build the world's top trade and investment policy research network through the cooperation between UIBE and SUIBE. Professor Tu, on behalf of the University of International Business and Economics, expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome and then introduced the UIBE CIWTO in part of its scientific research. He also expressed the notion that the two universities can rely on the WTO Chair Program to carry out in-depth cooperation in undertaking scientific research projects, carrying out social training, holding international conferences, and promoting exchanges between teachers and students. During the meeting, both universities held in-depth discussions on topics such as strengthening the synergy effect of WTO chairs, enhancing internationalization capabilities and carrying out personnel training for international organizations. International students from UIBE also expressed their own ideas and journey in the WTO law and economics master’s degree program. After the meeting, the delegations also visited the WTO Asia-Pacific Training and Training Centre and the museum exhibition of SUIBE.


In the afternoon of the same day, the UIBE CIWTO delegations then visited the Headquarter of the New development Bank (NDB) for a study visit. At the meeting, Mr. Zhou Qiangwu, the VP and CAO of NDB, extended a warm welcome to the delegations and expressed his excitement for having the CIWTO UIBE professors and international students visited the NDB. Professor Tu, on behalf of the UIBE, expressed gratitude for the welcome and gave a short introduction to the CIWTO and UIBE WTO Law and Economics Master program. The NDB team, led by Dr. Xu bing and Dr. Zhang david from the Research Department of NDB, gave a thematic presentation about the NBD history and the NBD road to the development in financing under SDG framework. The presentation provided a very in-depth explanation about the business model and the function of NDB in global finance. Dr. Xu also gave a insight to what it is like to be in a research team and work as a researcher for a multinational bank. The meeting then followed by a Q&A session in which both international students and professors from UIBE have joined to discussed their questions with the NDB research team. After the meeting ended, the delegations then experienced a tour of the NDB headquarters with the NDB official guide through important venues that being used in several international meetings.