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CIWTO Participated in the International Seminar on "Digital Technology and Sustainable Development" in Switzerland

On 15th-17th March, Professor TU Xinquan and Associate Professor LI Siqi visited Villars, Switzerland to attend the “Digital Technology and Sustainable Development” seminar hosted by the Villars Institute Foundation and the Yale University Center for Environmental Law and Policy. This seminar is of great international influence, which invited WTO Chair holders, WTO officials, well-known scholars, corporate representatives and non-governmental organizations to engage in in-depth discussions on the theme of how digital trade and technology can promote sustainable development.


The seminar includes seven sessions covering topics on intellectual property and sustainable development, clean energy technologies and sustainability, digital monitoring and certification, trade rules promoting dissemination of digital technology, e-commerce and regulatory barriers, service-based economic models, and so on. Professor TU Xinquan expressed views on Chinese e-commerce practices and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and had in-depth discussions with the participating experts.