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Ph.D. Candidate Wang Yu from the CIWTO was offered an Internship Opportunity at the WTO

Mr. Wang Yu, Ph.D. candidate from the CIWTO, is currently in his visiting program to the World Trade Institute (WTI) of the University of Bern in Switzerland. Upon the recommendation from the CIWTO, he applied for an internship at the WTO. Following a comprehensive selection process of resume screening and interviews, he was successfully offered the internship position at the Economic Research and Statistics Division (ERSD) of the WTO Secretariat. This six-month internship position (from March 2024) is dedicated to the writing and publication of the WTO's "World Trade Report 2024" and is exclusively open to doctoral students in economics with certain expertise.

Notice of successful application for WTO internship

Such good news is a significant outcome of our "WTO Elite Talent Program" between the CIWTO and the WTI. This program aims to cultivate innovative talents in the field of the WTO studies and to promote job opportunities in the WTO. During the program, Wang Yu has been guided by his collaborative supervisor, Joseph Francois, to conduct research on international trade rules and service trade, and achieved certain research outcomes and experience. At the same time, Wang Yu participated in WTI courses and attended academic lectures and moot court organized by WTI to deepen his understanding of international trade law and the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

Attend WTI's Moot Court

Attend WTI's academic lectures

Photo with Peter Van den Bossche (2nd from left), Director of Studies at the WTI

Furthermore, Wang Yu visited to international organizations (like WTO, UNOG and ITC, etc.), as well as the China's mission to the WTO along with CITWO's visiting groups for multiple times. From these visits, Wang Yu gained insights into the work of the IO, which laid a crucial foundation for gaining the internship.

Visiting the WTO, photo with DDG Zhang Xiangchen (2nd from the right)

Visiting China's mission to the WTO, photo with Ambassador Li Chenggang (2nd from the right)

Visiting UNOG, photo with Mr. Kang Wei (2nd from the right), UN staff and UIBE alumnus