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CIWTO delegates paid a visit to the WTO KMD, China’s Permanent Mission to the WTO and United Nations departments in Switzerland

In the morning of March 20th 2023, CIWTO delegates Professor Tu Xinquan, Associate Professor Li Siqi and doctoral student Wang Yu met with Mr. Werner Zdouc, Director of the Division for Knowledge and Information Management, Academic Outreach and the WTO Chairs Programme (KMD) at the WTO, to report on the 2023 work plan of the WTO Chairs Programme, which mainly covered the upcoming scientific research, curriculum development, and outreach activities.

In the afternoon of March 20th, delegates met with Mr. Zhang Xiangchen, Deputy Director-General of the WTO, to exchange views on key issues related to WTO reform and to discuss about deepening research and political operation.


In the morning of March 21st, delegates visited the China’s Permanent Mission to the WTO and met with Ambassador Li Chenggang, Minister Li Yihong, and other members of the Mission to exchange views on hot topics in the field of international trade and discuss about future cooperation.


In the afternoon of March 17th, delegates visited the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and met with Mr. Zhan Xiaoning, Director of UNCTAD's Division on Investment and Enterprise, and Mr. Wang Dawei, Economic Affairs Officer of UNCTAD's Division on Globalization and Development Strategies to exchange views on the latest trends in global investment, multinational corporations, and technological innovation.

In the afternoon of March 21st, delegates visited the International Trade Centre (ITC) of the United Nations and met with Mr. Zhao Quan and Ms. Feng An'er from the Division of Market Development to exchange views on the development trends of e-commerce.


Our visit to the WTO and the departments in Unite Nations promoted the communication between our institute and international organizations, which has a great contribution to the international development and think tank construction of our institute.