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Chinese Ambassador to the WTO Mr. Li Chenggang was invited to visit UIBE

In the afternoon of October 28th, Mr. Li Chenggang, Chinese Ambassador to the WTO was invited to visit UIBE and held a meeting with more than 20 experts, scholars and officials from the Ministry of Commerce, the China Society for World Trade Organization Studies (CWTO), Renmin University of China (RUC) and UIBE. The event was co-organized by the CWTO and the WTO Chair at UIBE.

Mr. Chong Quan, President of CWTO; Prof. Wang Jingbo, Vice President of UIBE; Mr. Chen Yusong, Deputy Director of the WTO Division of the Ministry of Commerce; Mr. Zhao Chunfeng, Deputy Director of the International Division of the Ministry of Commerce; Prof. Huo Jianguo, Vice President of CWTO; Prof. Lin Guijun of UIBE; Prof. Tu Xinquan, WTO Chairholder at UIBE; Professor Cheng Guoqiang, Dean of the Institute of National Strategy on Food Security of the RUC; Prof. Zuo Haicong, Prof. Ji Wenhua and Prof. Chen Weidong from the School of Law at UIBE attended the meeting. Mr. Li Minglin, the Deputy President and the Secretary General of CWTO chaired the event.

In the meeting, Ambassador Li Chenggang presented a keynote speech, sharing the basic situation and the outcomes of the WTO 12th Ministerial Conference, analyzing the remaining challenges faced by the WTO and the significant role that China can play in the multilateral trading system, and looking forward to more wisdom UIBE would provide for the research of the multilateral trading system.

After Ambassador Li’s keynote speech, the experts and officials had a heated and in-depth discussions on the themes of WTO agricultural negotiations, China-US economic and trade relations, the WTO and China’s reform and opening up and reconstruction of the China-US semiconductor industry chain, and China's important role in the multilateral trading system.6285a8e3c2efd616e09b34ca33945c4.jpg