主题:第27份全球贸易预警报告-利用外商直接投资促进可持续发展 为什么必须重新制定政策

Theme: The 27th Global Trade Alert Report: Advancing Sustainable Development with FDI –Why Policy must be reset

时间:202171515:00-16:30 (北京时间)

Time: 3:00-4:30 pm (GMT+8), July 15, 2021

地点:腾讯会议(会议号:950 423 581

Venue: Tencent meeting for domestic participants (Meeting ID: 950 423 581)

Voov meeting (English version of Tencent meeting) for overseas participants (Meeting ID: 950 423 581)

主持人:屠新泉 对外经济贸易大学中国WTO研究院院长

Host: Prof. Tu Xinquan, the Dean of China Institute for WTO Studies, UIBE

主讲人:Simon J. Evenett,报告作者,圣加仑大学教授

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Simon J. Evenett, the Author of the report, Professor of the University of St. Gallon

评论人:盛斌 南开大学经济学院院长

                崔凡 对外经济贸易大学国际经济贸易学院教授

Discussant: Prof. Sheng Bin, Dean, the School of Economics, Nankai University

                   Prof. Cui Fan, School of International Trade and Economics, UIBE


We sincerely invite and welcome experts and scholars from home and abroad to join this webinar and have an in-depth discussion with us. The full text of the report can be found in the attachment.

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Should you have any technical problems when using the English version of Tencent Meeting, please feel free to email dustingao@uibe.edu.cn for guidance. The webinar will be open for test an hour ahead at 2 pm (GMT+8), July 15, 2021.